Dr. David Dickerson delivered a presentation at TTU

davidOn Thursday, 12 December, 2013 Dr. David Dickerson delivered a presentation about “ A New Global Strategic Framework for Marketing Across Cultures in Asia” on a visit at TTU. Dr. Dickerson is presently an Associate Professor of Marketing and Global Business at KIMEP - the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research, Bang College of Business, Department of Marketing in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He is also Associate Dean (External Relations) at KIMEP where he has broad-based change-oriented responsibilities for outreach, marketing, and communications to external constituencies such as the local business community, alumni, and partner universities of KIMEP.



Dr. Dickerson’s vast global experience has been enriched by residing, working, traveling and studying throughout Asia, Europe, Russia, C.I.S., North, Central and South America, Middle East, Africa and India. His particular interest is in cross-cultural marketing and business development throughout the Emerging Markets. He has a demonstrated interest and capability in research, analysis and publishing in these areas as well. Before active management consulting, David has been employed with Kunnan Enterprises, Taichung, Taiwan, Sony Europe International and Motorola GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, to spearhead indirect channel development throughout Central Eastern Europe, Russia, C.I.S. and Central Asia.

David has taught at Hawaii Pacific University (USA) and Southern Cross University (Australia) where he visited remote MBA students for weekend classes in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia. David’s current interest focuses on Eurasia, Northeast and Southeast Asia with the ambition of creating a virtual institute for cross-cultural marketing research that studies the development of culturally sensitive global marketing, strategic sales, business development, e-learning and organizational change processes

Dr. Dickerson’s academic background includes a PhD (2002) in Marketing from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School (UK), a Master of Administrative Science (1990) in Information Technology Management from The Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School (USA) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (1984) from Loyola University, Sellinger, S.J. School of Business (USA). His research has been published in the U.K., Russia, Germany and the Baltic States. His paper on “A New Strategic Framework for Marketing Across Cultures in Asia” was written together with Dr. William F. Pore of Pusan National University, and was first delivered to the 2012 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul, S. Korea.