November 20th – the day of performing profound gratitude to teachers

20novThe international organization of outstanding professors, called F.I.S.E (Federation International Syndicale des Enseignants-the united international education unions), was founded in 1946 in Paris. The purpose of this organization was to improve the education system, protect the teacher’s physical and mental rights, and give prominence to the teacher’s duties and positions in society. The Vietnamese Teacher’s union was admitted to FISE in early 1953.

From 26th to 30th August, 1957 in the capital, Warsaw, with 57 countries attending the conference FISE, including Education Union in Vietnam. Vietnam delegation has decided to take on 20th November,1958 on "International Charter of educators." This Day was first held in the Northern region of our country in 1958. Years later, this day is also held in the liberated areas in the South and became a traditional Teacher’s Day for teachers and everyone in Vietnam.

Among many festivals celebrated in Vietnam, Teacher’s Day is a special day for teachers. Education is the process by which society transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. Therefore, nobody can ignore the important role of education and teachers which are like the directors in a great movie.

November 20th has been celebrated in Vietnam for many years to show respect and love to teachers. On this occasion, schools often have meetings for teachers and talks about Teacher’s Day. Students often give their beloved teachers flowers and beautiful wishes. This occasion is a chance for people to gather and visit their teachers, bringing a bunch of flowers or a tiny present . However for every teacher, the most valuable present and most beautiful flower for them is their student’s improvement.

 Mai Chi